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Jamie Kekeisen | Scott Rosnick




"Jamie , thank you so very much for your help the other day with my car. I came into FastTrack Automotive anticipating the worst and what I received was an unforgettable lesson in customer service! It was nice enough that you offered me a loaner car so I could get on with my own business, but when I innocently asked if I could have the Mazda Miata, I had no idea you were lending me your very own car. When I returned later in the day, expecting to hear about the repairs I needed, I was told nothing was wrong, my car just needed some oil. A day in a Miata and just $25 in fees took 40 years off my life and brought me back to my teenage years. Expect me to bring my car to FastTrack in the future and I will be sure to share this experience with anyone who will listen."

Jamie Kekeisen

Scott Rosnick




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